Since 2014, I am practicing real-time digital painting and all this section will be dedicated to it.
 Live painting has always been a field of great interest to me. The only problem I had with it, was that this field has been somewhat limited to action-painting or other applications, which were more focused on performance, rather than the actual painting. Digital media, made possible to empathize the quality of the image but still keeping the performative character of the whole process. The first experiments started with trying to find perfect interaction between painting and sound, becoming the audiovisual pieces. Later on, I started to present this approach as interactive video art, that incorporated diverse versions of spatial setups and can be presented as self-growing, self-creating digital painting. Usually, each audiovisual piece is about 50% improvised but demands a lot of preliminary work, in terms of sketchings, elaboration of main characters but without any vivid narrative structure. In terms of the painting style - these experiments are much different from my traditional ones. This is a totally different media with its own very sensitive technical specifics.

The images, presented here are screenshots from the different real-time painting sessions.