Llull Machines performing live in ​Gelegenheiten ​art cafe, ​Berlin, 2016

That was a small and cozy place, but full of people. We set in the middle of it , close to the image-wall. Thank's, to Frances and Dima, we had a great projector, the image was bright, clean and massive. I don't remember all the details, but I think we managed to create an "atmosphere". that I presume one of our's most wanted goals. Special thanks to Nastya Anastasya Stolyarov for the great photos.  Special thanks to Frances Sander, Dima Dmitri Berzon, ilan katin, Sergey Khanukaev, Sofiya Tepikin, Adam Read, Olga Dumova and Alina Feldman for a most apreciated help and beautiful friendship.

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