A simple exercise that helps to learn how to draw the straight line.

In fact all of us has a natural ability to draw the straight line. The problem that most of the beginers have with that, is a common result of following factors:

1) You have to hold and control your drawing instrument (a charcoal or a pencil) in a right way and my next short video will be dedicated to this topic.

2) The ability to draw the straight line - is a delibarate process, you should not look at your instrument, but at the direct point of your destination. Try to trust your brain, your hand and your intuition.

3) Be confident that you will be able to do it. You will have to practice with that several times since you will have to gain a certain knack for doing that (like holding your charcoal in a right way for example). But don't worry, this ability will come fast. Don't forget that the human brain is supposed to handle this naturaly.

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