Staring with a gaping mouth at every piece of crap around me was my most favorite pastimes as a child. I was gawking at everything: people, trees, buses, copulating cats, local drunks, funerals, weddings. My parents didn't like it - it could get you in trouble. In Soviet society, people hardly liked to be an object for gawking, but it didn't matter. I stared at them stealthily.


  I’m trying to capture my time based thinking process through the image, painting, drawing, and text. My themes come from unconscious mutations between the immediate impression of people, the environment, my memories, and dreams. I collapse them into one single moment that can be rendered as a painterly still image, or dissected and presented as a lively visual flow of drawings and texts. The thematic subjects of my last works were inspired by the New York subway environment, where I spend at least 1 hour daily.


  My works grow around a certain personality: the character’s state of mind and my associative reactions to it.  I present them as imaginary portraits or scenes, mixed with "unedited" images and texts, revealing subconscious matters that are aligned with "automatic writing." I use a mix of diverse mediums, from silverpoint technique, charcoal, graphite and ink pens, along with oils, acrylic, and screen printing. As a support material, I use paper and canvas. My canvas works embody a concrete idea, I see them as a result of my continuous analytic thinking process. My paper works - are an attempt to render a more immediate thinking process a certain interim substance between the canvas works.